Builder, is the software that carrys out the actual construction of the tower.
It controls the arms and the grippers, and “picks and places” the blocks in the correct position

The Baxter robot has a full IK module built into it. This is usefull, as I am able to specify any location in space, and the Baxter will attempt to move its arms to that position, or will provide an appropriate error, if it knows it cannot find a valid solution.
IK Python Script
Starting with a demo IK Python script that had been posted on the Baxter Forums, I was able to move the arms around as I wanted, However there was/ is no built in support for providing relative movements, something I wanted to utilize within my project.

Much of the Builder software package is implimentation of "relative" movements for baxter, so we can specify we would like it to move its "hand" a certian distance.

Build Process

To construct a tower I will work through the following procedure: