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I'm currently employed by Didactic Services, a FESTO Partner, as a Senior Applications Engineer.
I'm currently the WorldSkillsUK Mechatronics Training Manager
I'm also a Visiting Lecturer at Middlesex University
Occasionally I can be persuaded to Freelance!

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14 / 7 / 2015


It seems like i have been gethering a little attention as of late!

My half-joke-half-real idea for WTFDUINO has picked up a bit of media attention, and the reaction seems to have been suprisingly positive, I'll admit, I had been expecting a few more negative comments!

I am working on seeing if a Kickstarter is a viable option for me, Although I am slightly confused as to the legalities of how to actually sell the things, Coupled with how many i can actually produceā€¦

Hopefully I can work something out before the "media storm" dies down, if anyone has any experiance selling home-made circuit boards in the UK then please get in touch!




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