Calum Knott

I'm currently employed by Didactic Services, a FESTO Partner, as a Senior Applications Engineer.
I'm currently the WorldSkillsUK Mechatronics Training Manager
I'm also a Visiting Lecturer at Middlesex University
Occasionally I can be persuaded to Freelance!

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WorldSkills UK

17 / 11 / 2014

What about Theo Paphitis?

Oh right that… So ss part of the Middlesex University stand, I had programed the Baxter Robot to give people a hug. Being a complient robot, this is safe, and was enjoyed by several hundred people over the three day event.

Who says life cant be interesting!

The Competition

Regular readers of my blog will know from Various blog posts, that i am involved in a competition series called WorldSkills. This week the NEC in birmingham held host to the Skills Show UK, which in turn, hosts the WorldSkills UK finals. I was not competitng, but was at the event all week as part of my work with Middlesex University. The competition was good and was won by my friends Tom and Matt from Toyota… Congrats!