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I'm currently employed by Didactic Services, a FESTO Partner, as a Senior Applications Engineer.
I'm currently the WorldSkillsUK Mechatronics Training Manager
I'm also a Visiting Lecturer at Middlesex University
Occasionally I can be persuaded to Freelance!

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They were written with an old blogging platform, and are no longer really maintainable, however as they are linked too from various pages on the web - it seemed a good idea to try and archive them. I have written just enough code to get them to display - but there will probably be a few broken links and images.
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Inline Python

10 / 7 / 2014

I recently came across a post on reddit that joked about being able to include python in a website by using a <python> element. After pondering for a while, i came to the conclusion that actually, it wasnt a completely rediculous idea, and so decided to try and impliment it.

Download Demo

Using a browser implementation of python called Skulpt I was able to write a small piece of code that looked for <python> elements, and then compiled and ran them on page load. I also added the option for custom output divs using a data-attribute.

This code was written for FUN. It is probably not a good idea to use it for anything serious.
Also, Yes, I know about Brython

Here is how you use it

Here is the javascript implementation

Its not the worlds most complex code, but it was a good bit of fun. If you like it, Feel free to donate me a cup of coffee :)