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Hub-ee wheels - Code Sample - Creative-Robotics

17 / 3 / 2014

I have absolutly no idea if this code works, but I had a spare hour this- morning and decided to write some funtions for the hub-ee wheels. I've never actually used them myself, but several students at my university are using them, so I thaught I would help them out a bit by providing them with a couple of extra functions to get started. No Cheating! If nothing else the math / concepts are certianly correct, and could really be ported to any system. They are incredibly similar (but cleaner) to functions i've used in the past with the [EMG30 / MD25](/oldpostsarchive/0011/http://www.robot- set For thoes who dont know, the Hub-ee Wheels can be purchased from [](/oldposts_archive/0011/http://www or from Sparkfun They are little wheels with built in encoders and motors. Not super powerful or accurate, but they seem to be pretty reliable.

Here we go! It requires the standard Hub-ee Library.

Just my extra functions

Full code