Hello! My name is Calum Knott, I am a Programmer and Robotic/Electronic Engineer. I design software, hardware and generally enjoy anything to do with computers. I'm currently working for Middlesex University as an academic assistant I also Freelance :)

Flowcodeo is a graphical programing environment for Arduino, Python & (soon) CRS Robotic Arms

eBotX is a educational robotics kit, designed to get children and students programming


Tiny app that sits in your Finder toolbar and makes new files for you. It's written in objective-c

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A small game about a balloon... Inspired by Flappy Bird

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My BEng Dissertation - Robot interaction with real world objects


An offshoot of my BEng dissertation - A GUI for Baxter robots.

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A Game / Tutorial I made for the goDot engine!

Space Shooter - Play Now!

An Arduino cloud compilation and uploading service!

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Quick video tutorial on how to Program the ESP8266 with Arduino IDE from OSX
ESPINOUP is a BETA service for uploading .ino files to an arduio over the cloud
A small code snippet for non-linear mapping in Python/Javascript
While admitidly not the most catchy title, I would struggle to think of a better one... Oh wait! How about: "Rollercoaster Simulator" ...