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I am a Geek.

I'm currently employed by Middlesex University as an Associate Lecturer.
I'm currently the WorldSkills UK Mechatronics Training Manager
Occasionally I can be persuaded to Freelance!

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Not every Gist needs a Blog Post…

Not every Gist needs a Blog Post…


And not every blog post needs a gist.. but sometimes the two go hand in hand.

Today I am teaching a class on the use of the Gazebo Simulator in ROS — While I have spent quite some time poking around in ROS, I haven’t used the simulator much before this week, when coincidently, I have been using it heavily in my ongoing MSc research — More on that to come —

I spent some time poking around on the internet for some updated teaching material… some of the old slides were feeling a little dated, and it seemed like a good idea to see if the Jackal Simulator could be installed under Kinetic, as Indigo is feeling very 2015 as of late

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WorldSkills AbuDhabi 2017


Looking back on this event, it seems an awfully long time ago.

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A second photo:

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